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Industry-leading motor loss management at your service

Full transparency and real-time communication records, all in one place. MAXIMUS is there for your business in a whole new way.

Keeping track of all the elements of multiple motor loss claims can be a considerable labour cost to your business.

We know how important it is you have visibility over the progress of your vehicle repairs and insurance claims, which is why we created MAXIMUS.

Rentsure’s MAXIMUS portal tracks every action and update—from the first notification of loss through to the minute your rental vehicle is back on the road. This focus on every detail saves your business time and money and increases the potential of a full recovery.

MAXIMUS seamlessly facilitates the administration of end-to-end motor vehicle claims ensuring cost efficiency, governance, and control.

Here’s how Rentsure’s MAXIMUS makes the managing the claims process easy:

  • Upload, review and approve vehicle damage and repair estimates all in the one place.
  • Track all contact with renters, including communications, excess payment status, and breaches of rental terms and conditions.
  • Quickly determine who is liable.
  • Manage contact with relevant third parties.
  • Establish and action the next steps in the repair process.

The difference Rentsure’s MAXIMUS makes to your motor loss claim experience is that you have all the information you need, in one location. We’ve designed MAXIMUS based on the questions our customers ask, so we know that just one look will give you all the information you need, while backing up every record you’ll ever need.

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