Rental vehicle insurance can be complicated. We’re here to help make it easy.

If you’re running a rental vehicle business, you already know how important it is to get your insurance right. Every day one of your rental vehicles is off the road, is another day of income lost. Then there’s the operational cost of managing repairs and claims, dealing with renters and third parties, impacting your bottom line.

Rentsure is an Australian-owned motor fleet insurance provider, specialising in finding solutions for rental businesses to protect their operations and assets. We’ve been part of the motor industry for more than 30 years, which means we understand your business, and the market and regulatory environment you work in.

So whether you run a Multi vehicle rental operation or supply rental fleet car through a rideshare platform – we can help secure your rental vehicle business with tailored solutions to protect your livelihood and future.

What We Do

Operating and managing a commercial motor rental fleet can be complex and time consuming, so it’s important to have sound comprehensive commercial insurance that provides benefits and cover specifically designed for your rental business.

We understand, your rental fleet is your most valuable asset. Rentsure brings together a vast network of products, services, resources and skills, specifically tailored to the rental vehicle industry. 

Protection of your moving assets

  • Proactive motor fleet risk management
  • Customised Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance policies
  • Rapid response vehicle damage insurance claims service.

When rental vehicles are involved in an accident or returned damaged action needs to be taken at several levels:

  • First response accident management & notification of loss
  • Liability determination.
  • Vehicle damage quantified.
  • Renters and Third parties identified and contacted;
    • balance of damage excess obligations verified and negotiated;
    • breach of rental terms and conditions qualified.
  • Repairer management and cost control
  • Recovery action

Rentsure's Motor Loss Management Process


Proactive motor fleet risk management

First Responsive

Analysis of scale and legitimacy of damage


Information gathering and best options to remedy the problem


Asserting the compliance, commercial and reputational risks


Cost effective plans are formulated


The organised response is deployed


Strategic Analysis and Reporting solutions

Meet The Team

Petya Doran

Petya Doran

General Manager

David Heaume

David Heaume

Chief Underwriting Officer

Robert Kelly Junior

Robert Kelly Junior


Luke Kelly

Luke Kelly


Our Business Process

Business Discovery

We talk with you to understand your business and undertake an extensive fleet and location risk assessment. Then we create a customised Commercial motor fleet insurance policy and combine it with our risk and loss Management  software MAXIMUS.


MAXIMUS is your motor risk and loss management portal to provide improved information access for our clients. The portal tool offers access to a full comprehensive dashboard of your assets; loss ratio; rental vehicle damage and insurance claim files. This greatly helps to streamline your business processes and reporting, offering time saving and greater efficiencies.

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